Last Updated: 11/11/2021

8th Grade / Incoming Freshman Cheerleader Tryouts were originally scheduled for May 6th but due to the Covid-19 closure tryouts were held virtually the week of June 8th.

Congratulations to the following incoming FHS Freshmen who have been selected to be a part of the 2020 fall cheer team!

​​        Aaliyah Miles                     Mayra Razo
        Ashley Acuña                     Melissa Puente
        Ilene Sanchez                     Mia Gonzalez
        Jayse Cook                         Natalie Martinez
        Jazmin Duarte                    Nelys Kenia Vargas Guzman
        Lindsey Ramirez                 Sehani Mora
        Maryanna Rios                   Serenity Ness


The information below is an overlook at the freshman cheer program. It will be updated in the fall of 2020 with information for the 2021 incoming freshmen cheer tryouts.

Feel free to check out the other pages of our website to see videos and pictures of the team as well as find out more about who we are and what we do.

Cheerleading at FHS is a lot of fun and is very rewarding, but it also takes hard work and dedication.

What is the Freshmen Cheer Program at Foothill?

This program is designed to get incoming freshmen involved with cheer at FHS.
Freshmen cheerleaders will cheer at home frosh-soph football games and
 participate in rallies.

Once school starts in the fall, cheerleaders will practice two-three days a week from 3-4:30.

Before school starts, all cheerleaders will get a detailed schedule.

What will tryouts be like?
No previous experience is necessary, all tryout material will be taught via video.

This information will be updated when the 2020-21 school year starts for the next class of incoming freshmen.

What is expected of all Trojan Cheerleaders?
All Foothill Trojan Cheerleaders are representatives of Foothill High School.

Foothill cheerleaders are expected to be role models in and out of uniform and in the classroom.

They are expected to attend all required events including games, camps, fundraisers, and rallies while maintaining good grades and great school attendance.

Will Cheerleaders practice over summer?
If the school year opens close to normal operating procedures, incoming freshmen cheerleaders will have 3 or 4 practice days in August prior to school starting at which they are required to attend. (A full tentative schedule will be sent to all candidates who make the team).

What is the cost of the freshmen cheerleading program?
Uniforms will be checked out to all freshmen cheerleaders in August; the uniforms belong to the school.
All cheerleaders will need a pair of solid white tennis shoes, if they want to order the team shoes, there will be an opportunity to do that in August but this is NOT a requirement.
All female cheerleaders will also need a pair of black polyester boy-short briefs; again these can be ordered through the school or bought on your own at a store of your choice.

Good luck on your mission to become a Trojan Cheerleader!
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